Saturday, January 27, 2007

Another Rejection

I received another rejection for RJC today. Ho hum.


Rachel Cade said...

Oh you just have to keep your chin up hon, trust. RJC is a fabulous story and you've got a gift for storytelling. As far as epubs and erotics its true, but I mean is writing love scenes something you Want to do, or do you feel your stories are complete without them?

Bana said...

Morning! We're both up extremely early! lol

It depends, really, the love scenes. If it feels right then I'll write them, but I prefer scenes of intimacy than anything else. If it goes to the act then it goes there, but I don't force it. Being Plumville has everything BUT that and then Manna Tree is probably the most explicit I've done, and it's still not that explicit. Basically it's whatever the story calls for; I'm not going to "tack it" in, you know?