Monday, January 01, 2007

Dusting things off

Though I've had this blog for almost a year, I hadn't figured out what exactly to do with it. I didn't know if I wanted to make it a blog for my political musings (or rants, let's keep it real!), something more personal, or something random. Then I realized I could use this blog to talk about my journey as a writer to be a published author, or to just connect with people who have read my work and would like to ask me questions, talk about characters, etc. Two sites in particular, The Sweetest Taboo and Writer's Block, as well as FictionPress, RICH Writers Critique site, and even LJ and various fanfic sites have put me in touch with many people who have helped me improve and have just kept me motivated and encouraged.

2006 was a very productive year in that I finished two novels, Being Plumville and Reconstructing Jada Channing. This is a big deal because Geminis are notorious for starting things and being unable to finish them. The mere fact I had finished two novels still boggles me at times, but I am very happy and humbled as well. Throughout this journey I've met many people online who have encouraged me and have helped me improve my writing so much--even if it's just to talk about characters, what my stories have insipired in them, and many times have enlightened me on things. The people I know personally have also been intrumental and invaluable to me. At times every writer hits that block, or that patch of discouragement and "what the hell am I doing?!", and then you have people who guide you through it to the other side. To them, and you know who you are, I thank you very much. You've helped me learn so much about myself not only as a writer but as a person, and I will never forget it.

I hope 2007 will see the publication of both of these books, and the completion of more novels. Sometimes I fear I have too many ideas and not enough time, stamina, or even wherewithal to finish them, but that doesn't mean I won't try. So this blog is as much for me as for you, because I adore feedback--it's bread and butter for me. The more indepth and constructive the better, even if it's negative. A person cannot improve unless they hear what does and doesn't work, after all. "Yes!" people don't encourage growth, people who keep it real, do.

Anyway, as it is the new year, have a very beautiful and happy one, and I hope to see and talk wtih you soon!



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