Thursday, February 01, 2007


First off: Happy Black History Month! Am I bitter black folk get the shortest and coldest month of the year? Not at all! :-P But happyness abounds.

Second off: I've updated Gym Story (I think . . . I should either come up with a new title soon or just become attached to this one *sigh*) on The Spinner's Yarn group. I think I've decided to update the remaining chapters there. I'll make updates here on the off chance folk actually read this blog lol, but I know who's reading it on the group. Also it's easier for me to respond to comments than on this blog, so . . . yeah

Third off: I need to start the hardest part of writing: The query and synopsis. I hate this part of writing, especially when I just spent all that time and energy writing the dang NOVEL and I have to go back and re-write it in a 1/100 of the space. It leaves me irritated, not gonna lie. What's up right now is Manna Tree, but I have no idea what publishers I should even try for, especially since I've yet to hear from the lit agents who have RJC and that one's gotten rejected right and left. Surprisingly, I'm not bitter in the least, and right now not even frustrated. I know sis is saying I shouldn't do, but there's something very appealing about having a "book" in your hand, even if you're not going to sell it. I'll not give into temptation. I'll do it the right way.

And speaking of, Being Plumville is in editing/proofreading phase #583924. I swear, I have to realize that book isn't going to be perfect for every single reader who comes across it, but for me (and it's not because I'm sick of going back and working on it, which I am. Not gonna lie about that) it's right as it is. I have to be true to the characters, not how other people think the characters are supposed to be, and as long as it's plausible for the character, then I've succeeded, right? This isn't to say I haven't heeded some advice. I have. In fact, I woke up at 3AM one morning and started reworking some characterizations, settings, plot points. I like what I did, and hopefully they were improvements and not the opposite. But since this is the first book out the gate for me (we're not going to talk about the other two that are finished or the other three WiPs. We're just not.), this one has to be bangin'.

Since this is the only "career" plan I've ever made, I better do damn well, huh?

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