Sunday, January 07, 2007

The Blueprint

This was my NaNo for 2005, and I don't even think it's halfway done. This is a particularly hard story for me to write, much like Trust Fall but for very different reasons. The Blueprint is my prequel to Reconstructing Jada Channing, which essentially lays out all the foundations, motivations, and histories for Jada and by extension, Candace (and to lesser degreees Lucille and Harry) about why things were the way they are in RJC. It's a hard tale, one in which I have to be brutally honest, and one in which I find myself getting frustrated and sometimes even disliking my characters. Yet, they all have a point, they all have hurts and they all have complicated lives. The fact this is not a romance also leads to the possibility of unresolved points or even negatively resolved points. Clearly Candace still has issues over things that happened in her past in RJC, and yet I find it easy (if frustrating on a personality level) to write her. Dorcas is also easy to write. It is Calliope who is so difficult, but considering who she is, that is to be expected. I don't know. I have to do this one in spurts, because I guess the heaviness leaves me daunted and overwhelmed at times. I just want to do their story justice, and make them people with one could empathize. I'm doing my best, Ames Women. I'm doing my best.


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