Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Lemonade nee NaNo'06

Thanks to Stephanie, a RICH Writer, I now have a title for the NaNo I had been working on in November '06. She suggested Lemonade because the characters in this story, Margot and Cole, have certainly come upon some hard, sour times, and yet they come together and forge a relationship that turns those sour times into something very sweet.

She gets mad props for that one! I thank her, too.

Speaking of which, I'm surprised by the feedback I'm getting for the story. It's different from my others, and Trust Fall . . . sigh . . . I still am not quite sure about that one yet. I do love Margot and Cole, though. There's something so pure about them, so bittersweet and beautiful. This isn't to say I don't love my other characters. They all have special places in my heart, but this is the first I feel I'm watching the story unfold as I write instead of the other way around. In my other stories I always had a vague idea what would happen and how things would be resolved (notable exception is Trust Fall. Rosalyn *sigh* help me help you!) , but with Lemonade, I'm enjoying their journey. I need to get a vague resolution in my head, however. I don't have the stamina (and neither do readers!) to turn this into a soap opera saga. That would be awkward trying to get it published!


Anonymous said...

Hi Bana
Was thinking of the title all through the night. For real I woke up with it on my mind....go figure (not that Hugh Jackman is ever far from my mind, but he took 2nd place this time). Couldn't really reconcile it, even after reading your comment as to why, it just doesn't seem intense enough for Margot and Cole. They have got to be the most intricate (positively so) characters I've ever read in a romance. Dunno if the title Lemonade does them justice. I mean, yes, the tragedies in their lives brought them together, but it's what's inside of them that's keeping them together, that's bringing out Cole's mature perceptions and acceptances, Margot's understandings and fealessness and both their forthrightness.
It's just everytime I think of Lemonade, it's the bitterness that stays with me.....


Bana said...

I get what you're saying. Right now, though, it's the only thing that comes remotely close to capturing what the story is. I'll still wrack my brain for more, but at the moment, I think Lemonade will be what I use for a title. NaNo '06 was just getting . . . pathetic! lol

Thanks Chandra! I appreciate your thoughs!