Friday, January 05, 2007

Manna Tree nee Lemonade nee NaNo '06

lol, I's a dork!

Today I sent poor Stephanie multiple e-mails asking her about a new title I'd thought of for the story. I liked what she was going for with Lemonade, and as I was writing this current chapter I realized what was probably going on. It's really sad that it takes my readers to enlighten me on things, or I'll have to read something over and over again before I get it. I know some people think I plot this stuff out and outline all the "deep" things I find. Y'all really give me too much credit! If it's deep it's real deep--subconscious deep! But anyway, after running the title by Stephanie (and hitting another pit stop along the journey!), I think I've decided on the title that'll stick farreal.

Manna Tree

I won't explain too much because the story's not even done yet, but I think y'all can figure out why it's called what it's called.

Let me know what y'all think!



Anonymous said...

Hi Bana
First let me say that when I saw how old you are, I was totally floored, for someone so young to be spewing out the kind of reads you do. It's scary. I honestly didn't think your kind existed in our modern age anymore.
Second, I rather this title than lemonade. Yesterday you couldn't get anything outta me as after reading the last chpt you provided, my emotions were too much in limbo to answer you openly. I feel Cole and Margot are having many blessings bestowed upon them and because of their (extreme?)differences these blessings MUST be coming from....Heaven!?

Like it!


Bana said...

You're really too sweet! *hugs* I do like them very much. They are a refreshing. I hope I do them justice!