Wednesday, July 25, 2007


I need an infusion of inspiration in the worst way. I cannot write, though I so want to write, but I am stuck. I am a sputtering car, and I can't go anywhere even in neutral. I don't know how I'll get that inspiration back, but all of my personal creativity has been sucked completely dry. I detest the feeling. I don't like it. Now that the free read is completed, I do miss it, and I've opened up just about all of my WiPs and . . . nothing is biting. Maybe I need to reread some, I don't know. I just need to get back to writing, or I need something to happen so I don't feel so suspended.

Well, anyway, I hope things are going well with you out there.


Kawari Dante said...

I'm sorry to hear about your writer's block. Have you thought about maybe starting out small, maybe trying short stories about new characters or one's you've already finished?

J said...

Hello my darling. It's been a while since we touched based. I haven't got messenger so hence not seeing me online.
It's ok Savvy, don't worry. Don't feel compelled to do anything ok?
Relax, take time out, read happy books, let the magic find you. Look around, look at all the beautiful men and women out there..all those what if scenarios..pamper yourself and just open yourself to relaxing deeply...I felt the same way a few weeks ago and then bingo there it was. Do you notice how your emotions flow with your cycles as with your imagination...i heard once that all inspiration and ideas are from divinity..divinely inspired..god blessed you so your talent never leaves you


brownybelle said...

Don't worry...writer's block is not something that cannot be cured by bad TV, nice long walks, or maybe a good conversation with a friend/family member. Your brain can't be on 24/7. Really, your brain is always working through a story in the periphery of your subconscious...its just the rest of life that gets in the way.

J said...

beautifully said brownybelle, glad to know you are a fan of Savvy's tooxx