Sunday, July 08, 2007

AJ's Serendipity 11 and Chat!

Hello everyone, happy Sunday! Here is the next chapter of AJ's Serendipity for you. You can find it in the usual places, Aliyah Burke's site or SYG. Also tonight at 8 PM there will be an author chat featuring me hosted by The Sweetest Taboo. For those who are not registered at the site, the link to the chat room is here: Sav's Chat--8 PM. You will need Javascript in order to participate. I hope to see you there!

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!


The next morning, a knock on the door roused them. Dimitri, the earlier riser of the two, was more functional, having already showered and dressed, and he answered the door. It was a little after eight in the morning. AJ, though still suffering jetlag, seemed to lack the energy to do anything but roll over and steal more shut-eye.

Moments later, he felt the bed dip, and he was more than ready to tell Dimitri to go away when he felt gentle lips upon his cheek.

He smiled. Frankie . . . what would your sister say?”

“Meh, I’ve had better . . .”

Amid Dimitri’s whoop of laughter, AJ flipped Samara onto her back and gave her a thorough kiss. “Better than that?”

“I think I might need another kiss in order to make a fair judgment,” Samara said, even as she brought his lips to hers. This time, AJ was gentler, savoring her taste of mint and fresh breath.

He winced in apology. “Does my breath stink terribly?” he asked, even if it seemed a little moot.

“I wouldn’t complain if you brushed your teeth,” Samara laughed. She pressed her nose against his. “Good morning, AJ.”

“Good morning, agapi mou,” he murmured, kissing her forehead quickly before leaving the bed and going to the bathroom. He brushed his teeth quickly and washed his face.

Agapi mou, what does that mean?” AJ heard Samara ask Dimitri.

“My love,” Dimitri replied, then AJ heard him chuckle. “You’re adorable when you blush.”

“Cousin!” AJ said, coming out the bathroom and giving Dimitri a playful glare. “No flirting with my woman!”

“I’m merely stating a fact!” Dimitri said, wrapping his arm around Samara’s shoulders. “Your woman is insanely adorable, actually, whether she blushes or not!”

“Y’all need to stop,” Samara mumbled, averting her eyes and blushing furiously.

AJ sat on the edge of his bed and tugged Samara to him. He kissed the palm of her hand, his eyes locked on her visage. “You’re right, though, Dima,” AJ said, his voice full of wonder. “She is adorable, and kind, and giving, and gorgeous . . . and mine.”


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