Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Happy Fourth!

I hope everyone is enjoying the day off, and if you don't have the day off . . . sorry? I hope at least it's overtime you're earning today!

Well, update on my writing . . . got another rejection for RJC from an agent. I didn't get passed the query stage with this one. It's a little disconcerting, but meh. I know it happens in the lit game. I just got shoved back a few steps, but I'm keeping on trucking.

On Monday I met with David Updike, he's a coworker of my godmother's sister, and his son actually works where I work, and he went to Harvard and he's John Updike's son. It was good to talk to him, to talk about self-publishing and the themes about it and how agents do and publishers do and how much it's about politics and business as much as talent--probably more so. I'm glad we got to talk. I'm reading his book Ivy's Turn and I like it so far. He has a good voice for teenagers, since that is the age of the two main characters.

And I'm writing, sort of. I'll leave it at that :).

Again, have a great day!


jojodancer said...

It's so weird that you mention David Updike because I just ordered Ivy's turn yesterday from Amazon after reading the synopsis and reviews. How is it so far?

Bana said...

I like it so far. He talks about huism and colorstruck and some compelling insight on how white men think black women are; like one of the white boys say something to the affect "they (black girls) don't date us; their men don't like it", which I thought was compelling because that's the same thing black men had/do say about white women. But I'll let you make your own decision. I like his style; his word choices. It's even-tempered to me, but what do I know lol.

Let me know what you think about it!

debrown700 said...

All you can do is keep it moving Bana. RJC will make it out there.

Speaking of a day off, it feels so weird. We had had this big bar-b-que last weekend for today we are just chillin. It feels so much like a Sunday that a got all ready to come on here and catch the update for AJ's Serendipity. Then it hit me that its only Wednesday. Ha played myself, lol Happy Fourth.

Bana said...

Aw! lol, yeah, the middle-of-the-week holiday is odd, but no AJ today *hugs* and thanks for the encouragement! Yeah, this rejection was meh, but it's still a tiny blow to the solar plexus, you know?

J said...

hey sav happy umm 6th of july