Sunday, July 01, 2007

AJ's Serendipity 10 and Yesterday

Hi everyone, Happy July! It's Sunday, which means there's an AJ's Serendipity update. You can go to Aliyah Burke's site and read it or SYG. I hope you enjoy and please forgive errors!

Also, yesterday I had the Harlem Book Fair at Roxbury Community College. I really enjoyed myself, and yay for my sister being so nice and great to be my partner for all six hours. It was also great to meet folks from the SYG (hi, Sharon-divisionred!) and meet other local authors in Boston. I sat next to a woman who wrote poetry, and it's fantastic, so I encourage you to check out Tichaona Chinyelu. Also, I was on a panel about self-publishing, and I learned as much as I hopefully informed. What I've learned most about it, is I have to be less shy and more assertive, or at least I'm learning to do that. Even at the book fair, when people walk by and pass my sis kept telling me I had to speak up. If I don't believe I have a good and worthwhile product, why would anyone else? I'm a work in progress, I admit--not just in terms of my writing, but in everything, but that's another topic :-P. All in all, I'm glad I had the opportunity to be part of the Fair.

And, now, the excerpt! :)


“Ready?” Dimitri asked, clipping his pager and mobile to his belt. He shoved his wallet in the pocket of his khakis. His black Polo shirt accentuated his fitness despite Dimitri’s casual look. The Melonakos men were broad by nature, but Dimitri’s Navy training had defined his more.

“I look all right?” AJ asked.

Dimitri quirked his lips. “What, you turned into a woman after using the bathroom? Now I know to avoid it!”

AJ growled at him and would have huffed if he hadn’t caught himself. “I’m serious!”

Dimitri smiled and nodded, as if seeming to understand his opinion was important to AJ’s peace of mind. “You look almost as good as I do, cousin.”

AJ smiled as well, and clapped Dimitri’s shoulder as they left the room. “You’ll love her, Dima.”

“Sorry, I’m already taken.”

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