Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The Book Squad Interview

Check it out! I'm on around minute 17 or so. I will say I enjoyed the interview! Karyn and Wendy were very fun and their show is fun as well. I encourage you to check out their show every Friday at noon EST, I don't think you'll be disappointed at all! I think I'm getting more used to talking about my work, although I still find it a little uncomfortable because I am shy and I am not generally my favorite subject, but I do know if I want to"turn this hobby into a career" as my uncle says, I'll have to bite the bullet on numerous things, this being one of them.

I am a beautiful woman and a good writer.

That has been my mantra for weeks now, especially when I'm often the only person who will ever say those things to me on a given day.

But anyway, I hope you get a chance to listen and that you enjoy!


Ella said...

Fan-damn-tastic. Was I a loser to be giddy while listening to the interview? Wait, don't answer that. Those women are a riot. I'll have to listen to more on the quickness. And of course finally hearing you was the best part. It was like, "Oh, hey. That's her!" Your hesitant response about school had me cracking up. Good stuff. :) Take it easy, Wonder Woman.

J said...

hello sav, just wanted to say a quick congrats, I am not able to access the show but I wanted to say I love you and you are the bomb! You've shown me that a person can make their dreams come true.


Rae L. said...

Hey Sav! I just found out you were on the Book Squad and wanted to give you a huge congrats and a virtual hugg! I'm addicted to the show and to see a fellow author from TST interviewed is just too awesome. Keep on keeping, girl. Great job! :-)


Wendy Coakley-Thompson said...

Please excuse the delayed response, Miss Savannah. Hope you are doing well. We were so happy to have you on with us. Thanks, also, for adding me as your friend at MySpace.

Drop us a line sometime and let us know how you're doing with your writing efforts.