Monday, May 28, 2007

A Change in Plans

So today I was supposed to get on a flight from Columbia to Washington DC to take a shuttle to Boston. Lo and behold, I missed the check-in window, so I had to take an alternate flight flying to Charlotte, then Boston. I was a little miffed, because that meant I came home a whole hour later than originally planned, but after I sucked my teeth, I sucked it up and proceeded to take the itinerary change in stride.

I sat next to a really nice man named Robert on the flight from Charlotte to Boston. We got to talking about Columbia (because apparently the in-flight magazine had a spotlight on the city) and then about life. You know how convos with people you don't know go :). Then he asked, "are you a writer?" And of course, I said yes, admitted I had a book signing just yesterday, and showed him the book, my personal copy. He asked if he could buy it. I hesitated, because it is my personal copy, but it's a sale! It's someone who might tell someone else about the book! And then I said he could buy it for what I charged at the book signing if he wanted a signature. But he went above and beyond that price, which shocked me to death! Of course I signed it, and I even put the flight time and date and that he sat next to me! He was such a nice guy and it was such a nice experience, and I probably would've missed had I gone on my original flight.

All I have to say is, that's God right there. Thanks, Robert! :)


SebineDareau: said...

Are you sure that he wasn't trying to hit on you? That sounds like a small, but very real come on.

Bana said...

Nope. He's happily married with three kids. He's just a nice guy :).

Kolbyirish said...

It sounded like he was really trying to impress you Miss. LOL!