Sunday, May 27, 2007

AJ's Serendipity 5

There is a link to Part 5, and below is the excerpt!


“Come to me, darling.”

She bit her lip and complied, and as soon as her fingers grasped his, he pulled her to him for another embrace. He cupped the back of her head and held her tightly, closing his eyes and letting the feelings she evoked run through him. He’d never been in love before, not like this, and it was obvious to everyone except for the one person who needed to see it most. Then again, she didn’t know what she was looking for, and he had decided he would show her.

“Are you very hungry?” he murmured, not wanting to break the spell they were under.

“Not really,” she replied just as quietly, pressing closer to him. She began nuzzling his chest and he smiled.

“You like holding me, precious?” She nodded. “Would just like to do that, then? We can sit on the couch and cuddle.”


AJ separated from her so he could put on some music. Traditional Greek music filtered through the room. She was already on the couch, her posture a little rigid, and he stood in front of her. “Would you like something to drink? Water? Wine?”

“Water, please. I don’t drink.”


“I don’t like the taste,” she said with a small scowl.

AJ grinned. “Would you like to taste Greek wine? Lysimelis? It’s similar to Merlot, but I think it is sweeter. Do you like sweet things, Samara?”

Samara giggled and nodded. “Trying to get me drunk?”

“No,” said AJ, crouching before her and cupping her cheek. “I want you in control of all your faculties, precious. I don’t want you to forget this night or regret it, but wine might relax you, okay? Just a taste.”


Going into his kitchen, AJ pulled down two glasses and filled one with water and left the other unfilled as he used one hand to hold the empty glass and wine bottle and the other hand held the water. He set the items on his coffee table before going back to the kitchen and pulling out some snacks from the basket that remained from their picnic.

“Here we are,” he said, putting the items next to the previous ones, and he earned Samara’s smile. “I’ll get the wine opener and then I’ll be ready to join you.”

“No rush,” Samara said, but he disagreed. He was in a hurry to spend time with her, and had been for the past three days.f

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