Sunday, May 20, 2007

AJ's Serendipity 4

It's Sunday! Which means, there's an update! Here's an excerpt and the link! Also, you can go to the google group for an update as well!


AJ's Serendipity 4


“I’m going in,” AJ muttered in to Spyros in Greek after the fifth man approached Samara. He needed her in his arms before he got them thrown out and himself in jail.

Fifth Man and Samara were dancing to a song he didn’t recognize, but it had a pulsing beat and a mean bass line that apparently compelled Samara to shimmy her hips in a most enticing manner. Every time Fifth Man tried to bring her closer, she would skip out of his reach so fluidly one would think it was intentional to her dance steps. AJ, however, knew otherwise, and was intent on showing all the other men just to whom she belonged.

Without a word, he slid one long, strong arm around her waist and brought her back flush against his front, bending his legs as they dipped and swayed to the music. Fifth Man glared at him and started to say something, but the warning in AJ’s eyes had him holding up his hands in surrender and leaving to find another dance partner.

Smart man.

Samara’s shock wore off after Fifth Man left. “Who—?”

“I didn’t know you could move like that, precious,” AJ purred in her ear, his eyes watching Spyros turn Frankie’s attention on him. Frankie smirked and went at it, a challenge in her eyes. Spyros was definitely more than up for it.

As for Samara, she still hadn’t moved since he rounded her up in his arms, so he bent his legs again and swayed once more. Her hands went to his forearms as if steadying herself.

“Come on, love,” he whispered though the music blared. He was absolutely sure she had heard him given the shiver that went through her body. “Dance for me.”

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J said...

Hello Sav, beautifully written. I love the way you write attraction and intimacy and desire....


ps hope you're feeling better today sorry i missed you this morning.