Wednesday, May 16, 2007

A Really Nice Reivew

I received this one yesterday, and I was humbled and proud the reader thought the way s/he did. So, whoever wrote you, thank you.


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Quirky Title, but Excellent Read!, May 15, 2007
This book details an interracial love story of two true soulmates. Two indiviuals destined to be together since childhood it seems. Set in the turbulent 60's on a college campus the two main characters grow into their own identities as they fall in love. I was hesitant about reading this book, because usually books set in the 60's don't "get it." But this book was dead on. The references to the times, the speech patterns of the characters, the attitudes of the small southern towns where it was set and idealistic bullheadedness of the students was right on target! The characters and their conflicts were realistic, their difficulties believable. This author is deserving of the accolades she has received and I look forward to seeing more from her in the future.

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SebineDareau: said...

Go Bana!!!

J said...

Hi Sav,

congratulations on the beautiful review!