Saturday, May 26, 2007

Home (cue Stephanie Mills)

So yesterday I had interviews. I was home yesterday for a total of twenty minutes--two ten minute breaks before going out and handling business. It was really surreal. I had a paper interview Country Chronicle for an article. Then I had a radio interview on 620 AM (Columbia). Urban Scene with Don Frierson (possible relation, my father was born in Columbia). And turns out he went to school with my mother, and he knows her and he started waxing poetic (which, actually, isn't a surprising thing, because apparently my mother was, as they say "all that and a bag of chips") AND he was the host of my elementary school's 54th Anniversary Reunion. I had a brief lunch with my friend who I might not see for the rest of my time here, and I think the waiter was flirting with me, but I couldn't be sure because I'm really rather awful at flirting! lol But I was looking cute, and he wasn't bad looking either, so we'll say he was ;). Before the reunion I went back to the radio station and gave a little blurb on my friend's radio show (dressed for said reunion), and we chatted a bit outside before I went to the convention center where the reunion was held. Saw all my old teachers from my second grade to fifth grade teachers, my old PE coach. It was very nice to see them all; the people who planted seeds and shaped my early education.

Home. Roots. They can be wonderful things.

So today I'll do some more things to get ready for the book signing tomorrow. I hope you can make it! 2-5 Columbia Museum of Art.


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