Sunday, February 25, 2007

Talking about My Writing

I need to learn how. I need to learn my writing, my novels, aren't crap. I need to learn when people ask "what is it about?", they are being genuine and actually care. I need to learn there's nothing wrong with writing love stories, and I need to learn there's nothing wrong writing interracial love stories--all of which I do. I also need to learn it's okay my novels don't fit into one genre nicely and neatly. There is more to my work than just the romance, and I need to learn I can't explain everything about my writing to make it sound "important" or "worthy to talk about". I need to learn my friends actually care that I'm a writer and are excited about my writing. I need to learn it's okay to give the "back cover blurb" instead of the play by play as if to "justify" the love story that is inside. I need to learn to trust I'm a damn good writer and not feel ashamed of writing what I write. I need to learn it's okay I went and got a Harvard degree but I write about things that you could never learn in a classroom--no matter what institution I attended. I need to learn the things I did learn in the classroom do creep into my writing, even if I cannot pinpoint from which lecture, which class, or which year I learned it.

I need to learn it's okay to think I am as good as I think I am, and I also need to learn others will think me better or worse than that, too.

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Rachel Cade said...

hi, it sounds like your a little unsure of yourself right now, was there some event that happened to put your you in this frame of mind or is it just a writer's spaz? Because I have had those ... writing is not easy, it is such a personal gratifying and at times overwhelming experience, that no one that doesn't actually do it could ever possibly understand. Writing about romance, and add the pressure of interracial romance it can be daunting. If you would like to chat about this further you can email me at take care Rachel