Sunday, June 03, 2007

AJ's Serendipity 6

Hi everyone, the radio interview went well, and Ms. Robinson was very nice! It was a good experience :).

And, in the spirit of such a good interview (and because it's Sunday) there is an update of AJ's Serendipity. We are on part 6 now, so I hope you enjoy. You can either follow the link or go to the google group to read. Below is an excerpt :).


“You want to see the painting?”

Her eyes went wide and she nodded, scrambling to her feet. AJ led them into his bedroom where he tore off the brown paper that covered the art. When the framed painting was revealed, both let out a gasp of awe.

“Oh, my,” Samara breathed. “Oh, wow . . .”

Even though he had seen it before, he was just as breathless as Samara. The painter had a hell of a lot more talent than one should have when painting for pennies and tourists. Or maybe it was just he and Samara who had inspired the masterpiece before them. It was as if the artist had captured the love they felt between them, had seen it before they did themselves. AJ thought back to what the artist had said, about him and Samara being in love. Can two people fall in love in an hour? Enough for strangers to see? How could this artist see and Samara . . .

There were tears falling down her cheeks as she gazed at the art. Concerned, AJ lifted her face to his and used a gentle thumb to wipe away her tears.


“You . . .” she began, then shook her head and looked back at the painting. “I never . . .”

“You never what, darling?”

“That look . . . you only see that look in movies.”

“The look?” AJ repeated, staring at the painting in confusion.

Samara licked her lips and glanced at him helplessly. “It’s only been three days . . . that painting . . .”

AJ caught on, and he grinned despite the hammering the heart was doing inside his chest. “He gave us the painting for free because of that look, Samara. What he captured in that painting . . . it’s as rare as it is pure. And it’s true. Dear God, Samara . . . it’s so true.”

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