Sunday, May 22, 2011

My 28th Born Day

Today is my birthday. I went out and had breakfast at the Cracker Barrel by myself, and got a phone call from my grandmother’s cousin while I was there. Then I went grocery shopping because the world didn’t end as I was promised, and I bought myself a birthday cheesecake—the cashier wished me a happy birthday. After that, I was at home and did some reading and hung out on the Internet, but I was also answering the most Facebook birthday greetings I’d ever received thus far and spoke with my sister and my father and my friends. I went to dinner at IHOP because the Chinese place where I wanted to eat didn’t deliver and the woman hung up on me after she told me! Then came back home and spoke to more relatives.

All this to say, I spent my birthday alone, but the universe didn’t dare allow me to be lonely. It was a good birthday. J


Anika said...

Then I went grocery shopping because the world didn’t end as I was promised


Yay! for cake! It's my new bday tradition I buy a whole cake. I wish we had IHOP here.

Glad you had a good birthday :)

Be said...

Echoing gladness that you had a good birthday.

I can't believe the two of you, eating cake. Everyone knows that birthday pie is the business, or else a birthday ice cream sundae.

Bana said...

@Anika-Thank you! It was just a small one, but yum!

@Be-Thank you as well! I would've LOVED a sweet potato pie, but the kind that I want, is 2 hours away; so maybe in a few that damn pie.