Sunday, May 08, 2011

Mother's Day

I chose to use a picture with my parents instead of my grandmothers because I don't have a photo of Grandma Katie. :( But you can see Grandma Katie's smile in my father's, so :)


Be said...

Your granny reminds me of my great aunt, who passed last year. Chain smoker, stayed in a bottle of Crown Royal, but she had an infectious spirit, and a crazy little dog.

You had Barbies over her house? Awesome. I had to watch soaps over my granny's house. :/

Dang, now you're making me want pound cake. :Cheesecake moment:

LMAO @ "That Jordan body."

Glad you shared that about giving mothers to your characters. Made me reflect on my own characters and their parents. I know for sure that in my early work. Lucas' parents were pretty much what I thought of my own parents at that time, so interesting, and another reflection on how I usually inhabit my guy characters.

Great blog! You share your memories wonderfully, like a true writer should.

Bana said...

The operative word, Be, is "cake". :-D

That Jordan Body isn't a game. It really isn't. Grandma had it, Mama had it, and now sis and I have it. I think my blog for today will be how I got the nickname Bana. It's intriguing, I promise you. :p

Yeah, because I also had a hard time giving my characters fathers, but that's for somewhat different reasons. But yeah, it's a self-check I have to do or else family lives become routine and every character is different.

Thanks! I'm glad this audio blog thing is doing all right! The next one will be written, though. :)