Monday, August 17, 2009

Available Now: Rerelease of AJ'S SRENDIPITY

In conjunction with Aliyah Burke's latest release from her Megalodon Series Dimitri's Moon also Available Now!

Available Now!

Greek Alejandro Melonakos hadn't been shopping for the love of his life during a routine market run for his restaurant, yet that was exactly who he found. The petite and curvy American Samara Grossman had captured his heart upon his first sight of her and he hadn't wanted it back—just hers in return. Will AJ be able to convince Samara they were meant to be together during her five-day vacation in Athens, or will his serendipitous find be all for naught?

The release features a new cover and an extra chapter for readers to enjoy!

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Tanchel's said...

Ms Frierson,

I read and re-read AJs Serendipity 3 times this week-end and because I just had to see what the extra chapter looked like I went ahead and bought the re-release on Monday. I LOVED IT!!!!!!! So worth it.

When I first read the story it was posted on Aliyah's website. Correct me if I am wrong but when reading it, it felt like A Lot of the scenes were new.

I loved how sweet and patient AJ was with Samara.

Just curious, but is there going to be a story for Frankie and Spyros??? They just seemed like a promising couple.

Thanks again for a Great story.