Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Hard Drive

Beyond dead, it is. This news does not make me happy. Something inside it is broken. o.O I haven't dropped my laptop in a good minute! I don't know what happened.

Do you think God is telling me I need a new computer? I . . . don't know how I feel about that message. I will say that for my experience, Dell is fantastic in terms of customer service, so I'll probably get another one. I have to go to Staples and get my beyond-dead hard drive, though.

But, now I can continue to work on Trolling Nights (as well as two other WiPs that decided to bite this month. Oy). The feedback I'm getting on this story really is awesome. Now that I can go forward, I'll be posting some things up.

And would anyone be interested in a chat this weekend? Friday too soon? Sunday?


Kawari Dante said...

Eh, that sucks. Did you use your laptop a lot? On a daily basis? I used my laptop every single day and it lasted a lot less than my dad's computer. With a laptop everything is so close and connected then when one thing gives out you have to replace the whole thing.

And Felix is talking to you? Finally!! Sometimes it just happens out of nowhere, huh?

Anyways, I just wanted to say hello. You probably don't remember who I am but congrats on getting The Coach's Counselor published!

Bana said...

Thanks! *hugs*

Ella said...

I vote Sunday if you're up to it.

Bana said...

Okay, Sunday might be better; I'm not feeling so hot, so I have a weekend to recover.