Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Zora and Nicky: A Novel in Black and White

Read it. Read it if you want to read a fairly no-holds-barred novel that deals with race, religion, class, gender, faith, humanity. Read it if you want to be challenged. Read it if you want to be affirmed. Read it if you're Christian. Read it if you're not. It's not a preachy Christian novel; the characters struggles might not be your own, but struggles are universal, and I appreciated it. I appreciated how HONEST this novel was, and there's a scene in the last third of the book . . . when the main character Zora goes home with Billie, a woman she meets in the novel. Easily the most poignant and really most heart-grabbing scene for me. I appreciated this book, and thanks to Joyce for introducing the book to Jayha and for Jayha insisting it was a fantastic book and for Ms. Burney for writing it. This is the kind of book I want to write one day--not necessarily Christian IR . . . but something that can resonate that deeply. Yeah.

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Philly Girl said...

I absolutely loved this book, and I found it a very realistic portrayal of the modern Christian experience.

I could relate to Nicky and Zora's struggle to maintain their Christian walk, despite their circumstance or past, which isn't easy to do.

And I loved how those two recognized something in the other that was missing, that something that somehow made them complete...