Friday, April 06, 2007

Just Published: Being Plumville

Just Published...

Being Plumville

Savannah J. Frierson

Living in the small, southern town of Plumville is effortless, seamless, and safe … if you follow the rules. You’re given them from birth, and anything that could possibly make you break them is removed from your life—even if it’s your best friend.

Such is the case for Benjamin Drummond and Coralee Simmons, two best friends separated during childhood because Benjamin is white, Coralee is black, and relationships between the two races are unspoken in its taboo. However, fifteen years later during the turbulent 1960s, Benjamin and Coralee are reunited, and despite their upbringing, neither are able to deny what they had in their innocent youth, nor suppress the desire to rekindle it—maybe even into something more.

The reunion forces the pair and those around them to examine the consequences of following the status quo versus following their hearts. Is friendship too high a price to pay to be Plumville? Is love? Will Benjamin and Coralee become who Plumville raised them to be, or who they were born to be?

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Lexi said...


I'll be sure to buy it as soon as I'm able!

Kawari said...

YEA! Congrats! So how do you plan on celebrating?

Bana said...

Thank ye, thank ye. Sis took me out to eat, but i couldn't eat everything and I had gotten a headache :(. But I'm going to have Easter dinner manana with godmommy's sis. :)