Sunday, April 15, 2007

In which Sav needs to learn to be a little more shameless

Hello, everyone!

So, Being Plumville has been out for a week (two weeks, if you pay attention to the listings on and . . . which I don't . . . because until you could throw in my name or title in the search box and get something back, it's not "out", as it was.) and some people have told me they have received their books, going to get their books, have read their books, etc. To you, I say thank you. I also have a request. If you purchased the books through Amazon or Barnes and Noble, could you please spare a moment and write an honest review? If you got the book and it let you down, that's a very valid review to tell other readers. If you got the book and it exceeded your expectations, that's even better. If you got the book and it met your expectations, then let potential readers know that, too. As a reader, I know I am swayed by reviews I read and word of mouth. I know word-of-mouth is still among the most powerful ways to get the buzz going, so anyway you can do that--be it online or to your friends, coworkers, etc, that would be amazing.

(Listen to your own advice, Sav).


Yeah . . . I'm working on it. The lovely ladies at RICH have been most helpful in . . . helping me! *big hugs to them*

And thanks so much to you! I stole the IP map from Jo . . . because I thought it was so cool to see where people are from. I've pulled Thailand, Japan, and Southern Africa so far, which is amazing *waves to you all*. I think I know who the people from Europe are, so *waves to you, too*. And to all the rest in the US of A, especially the West Coast, thanks for visiting! Feel free to say hello!

Also, on the left sidebar I put up a link to show where you can "Browse Before You Buy"; it's the prologue and first chapter of the novel.

I hope everyone is enjoying her Sunday (or Monday if you're on the other side of the world!)



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Josephine said...

oi Madame, I was looking for a post on your blog and was all ready for a good read with my hot drink..Oi Ms SF what you doing?


night baby