Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Some FYIs

1.) I have a blog post brewing about white authors writing about black characters...and why white authors who write about black characters get a larger market share than black authors writing black characters; and why black authors who write about white characters would probably have to self-publish it before a "mainstream" publisher puts out the story. Yeah, it'll be long and involved and probably won't be up for a couple more days.

2.) I have books in Kindle Format now, including the just-released "I'll Be Your Somebody". Check them out and for those who have a Kindle, please tell me how they look!

3.) I have Twitter. I think this platform will get me into even more trouble than I really need to be in, but I've been told it's a good marketing tool. We'll see.

4.) Been editing like crazy. If you're interested in my services, hit me up at

5.) I have a release coming out in August. Hint: You've read it before. :)


Tanchel's said...

Hi Savannah,

On your item #2 did you mean to write ~ I'll be your Somebody instead of I'll be your Shelter??

Also, I just finished reading Trolling Nights and Reconstructing Jada Channing. LOVED them both!!!! And now I am going to sit back a read More Than A Summer Love.

Thanks Again for sharing your Gift.


Bana said...

LOL, girl, you caught it! Thanks for that! I keep singing "I Be Your Water" in my head every time I write the title to Rosita's story, so it was bound to happen sooner or later!

I'm so glad you enjoyed those stories very much and I hope you enjoy MORE THAN A SUMMER LOVE. Thanks for the heads up!