Monday, January 28, 2008

Gym Story

Yeah. First draft of this is done, too. Two manuscripts completed within two weeks of each other.

Gym Story still needs a title!11!


SebineDareau: said...

Here are some possible titles for GS. Maybe you'll like some of them, maybe you won't. Maybe one of my titles will inspire your own, in any event, here it goes:

A Closer Look - Referring to how Tyler and Gunner had to take a better look at one another instead of drawing conclusions based on face value

Skin Deep - A reference to Gunner's modelling days and how he viewed Tyler when he first saw, but when got to know her, he realixed that her beauty was more than skin deep

Second Time's the Charm - Reference to both Tyler and Gunner's previous relationship and how they both ended on a less than positive note. But this time around could be different.

Say Yes - just because I LOVE that Floetry song :)

Love you the Right Way - My ode to Johnny Gill

If this is not helpful, completely disregard it or, can let me know if you want me and your other fans to brainstorm some more.

Bana said...

I'm actually feeling A Closer Look. I think that's on the right track. I'd thrown out "Soul Sweat" but I'm not married to it. I'm going to let that marinate. Love You the Right Way is also warm . . .

Skin Deep doesn't work quite as well because Tyler isn't ugly (yeah, I know fat=ugly in many people's minds, but those people suck lol).

Thanks! You've definitely helped!