Monday, December 03, 2007

And the Winner Is . . .

Which unfinished story would you like for me to continue on the Google Group?

The Blueprint


Gym Story


NaNo '07


Trust Fall


Vietnam Story

Total Votes : 70

Wow! I'm kind of sad The Blueprint got NO love. :( And *laughs a little* y'all are going to have to wait awhile, because all the chapters I've written for Vietnam Story are already up on the group! Well, hopefully one day you'll all get to buy these lovely stories because I've a.) finished them! and b.) an agent/editor liked it so much they sold it to a publisher. Thanks so much for voting! And hopefully VS's muse will come back so I can start writing it again!


debrown700 said...

Oh my heart weeps....I sure wanted Gym Story to come back. Oh whyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!! This is your fault Bana, you made this poll so difficult to choose between. BOOOOOOO lol.

Bana said...

I'se sorry! :((((((((