Saturday, August 04, 2007

Just . . . Something . . . forgive errors


Neither had thought to bring a blanket, so the fresh-cut grass itched their skin a little bit, and random ladybugs and other insects used them as pathways, and thankfully little else. She’d had the foresight to search for anthills and dog poop, and he had smiled at her consideration for him.

After all, he was to be her pallet for that afternoon, anyway.

She was sleeping, snoring softly. Her breath was warm against his chest, tickling him slightly. Her body curved around his so completely, their legs tangled, her arms around his torso, her cheek atop his beating heart. Some of her hair had fallen out her chignon, and he brushed it behind her ear. Her hair, her skin, everything about her was soft and pliant, and when she snuggled further into him, he smiled and kissed the top of her head.

It was moments like these, contraband and dangerous, that were so precious to him, not only for their rarity, but for their substance. Now, he was just a boy and she was just a girl, his girl. There was nothing but the sun and a breeze with them, along with buzzing of flying insects or the sporadic calls of birds as they flew above. No need to keep up appearances now.

A large cloud passed overhead, darkening the shadow they were under even more. Soon they would have to make it back. It didn’t take that long for her to go to the post office, and his parents would be home soon. It wouldn’t do well if they arrived to an empty house.

“Baby,” he murmured against the top of her head. She barely stirred. “Darlin’, wake up.” He shook her shoulder gently.

She nuzzled her cheek into his chest before she opened her eyes. He tilted his head back as she rested her chin where her cheek had been. She gave him a drowsy grin.


He chuckled low in his throat. “Afternoon.” A kiss to her forehead. “We have to go soon.”

Her face crumpled right before she placed it in the crook of his neck. “Five more minutes.”

Her lips were soft and slightly moist, and he felt his body shudder from the point of contact throughout his body. He slipped his fingers to her nape, the heavy plait she wore brushing against his knuckles.

“A lifetime,” he murmured, resting his forehead to the top of her head. “Unfortunately, that cannot start now.”

“Or this lifetime,” came her muffled response.

Sighing, he pulled her face away from his neck. His thumbs caressed the swells of her cheeks, her brown eyes sad and wistful. He hated he put this expression on her face, especially when not minutes before it was the perfect picture of peace.

“Sweetie,” he breathed, brushing his nose against hers, then tilting his head so his lips grazed hers. She clung to him and deepened the kiss, grinding her hips into his in reaction. He groaned low in his throat, knowing his body was more than ready to give her what his heart, in good conscience, could not. He would not take her innocence from her. That belonged solely to her and to her husband, and unfortunately, he could not be the latter.

They linked fingers together as they broke their kiss, and he placed their joined hands over his left breast. He looked down at their connection, she dark, he light, and he saw nothing of the ugliness and the abomination folks in their town saw.

“Beautiful,” he whispered. He ran his thumb along her knuckles and his blue eyes met her brown ones. “Absolutely beautiful.”

She smiled brightly at him. “Can we be beautiful for five more minutes?”

He didn’t answer her, instead returning to his prone position and cradling her body back atop his.

No smart man should ever be in such a hurry to leave his utopia, no matter how fleeting its time there actually was.


Can be anyone, but yes, I did have a couple in mind. I hope you enjoyed it.


debrown700 said...

I liked it...I hope there's more...yes I know, I'm greedy lol.

SebineDareau: said...

I see Benjamin and Ceelee. But that is just me.

Bana said...

close, sebine . . .

SebineDareau: said...

Ohhhhh!! Now that you say that, I think I'll go with Paul and Patty...yes?

Bana said...

yay sebine!

SebineDareau: said...

You know bana...

Have you ever considered writing their story in it's entirety? Kinda like the Return of the Jedi series, we knew Luke's story but it wasn't until later that we came to know his father's. We already know what the outcome is but just experiencin how Paul and Patty got there...I'on know. Just a thougt.

I too have been going through a sport of a writing dry-spell. The feeling is not good. I am starting to get me swagger back (THANK YOU JESUS!!!) When I don't write or have the unction to write I tend to feel like something is wrong with me.

Either way, this is just for a season. Before you know it, you will be overflowing with ideas. But in the interim, thank you for posting something. Your fans do miss your work.

Josephine said...

sav, beautiful, gorgeous, I'm so glad you're back, so glad you're back..

keep well and happy
more please :-)


Bana said...


No, I have no plans to write a full-fledged anything regarding Patty/Paul. They're not in my brain like their children were. However, they do provide a good template to write little snippets like this since I'm not spoiling anyone (other than the people who haven't read the book) so I don't feel so bad. lol

I'm really, really trying to get over the hump, but I'm going through a creative drought. *sighs* Hopefully, I'll get beyond it, but right now . . . I don't know.

Anyway, I'm glad you're getting through yours! It'll just be me writing something to do something just to make sure I don't get rusty!