Thursday, March 15, 2007

Two signficant updates

1.) Being Plumville is in production.

*deep breath*

2.) SJFBOOKS.COM is out of production, yet still a work in progress. I'd love any feedback you can give!



thebluestpurple said...

i am so happy for / proud of you. only great things destined for you girl.

i didn't even know you had a website! i can maybe give you my thoughts on it (layout and design and whatnot) in a yim convo?

kolbyharper said...

I had no clue that you had a blog!

Kawari said...

Congrats on that! I can't wait to order it and totally brag that I read it back around 2004 when it was just a story on the Internet. Congratulations again and good luck with the site.